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Avilla Carwash & Laundromat
Avilla's only Self-Serv Carwash and Laundromat Is a well kept helper to you and your cars.

Now Even Better! Bright White Walls in Wash Bays, New Lighting, and Shiny New Easy to read Signage. A Great Looking Carwash to Keep your Cars Looking their Best!

The Cleaners For People Who Love Their Cars

It only makes sense that the people who take the time, money and effort to wash their cars at a professional car wash really love their cars. So of course they want nothing but the best. You can keep your car in tip top shape with products that do more than just clean, but also look good, smell good and make you feel good about your car and about your car wash.

Foam Brush Detergent 559

Foam Brush Shampoo

Ultra-concentrated, bubble gum scented, pleasing pink, blue or yellow liquid foam brush shampoo.We like to change up the color occasionally.

Clear Coat Protectant Formula 538
             Vanilla Kote
             Clear Coat Protectant/Drying Agent
             One of our best! Provides excellent visual and aromatic appeal with its fresh waxy vanilla scent, crème base, protective sheen, and exceptional water beading capabilities..

Pre-Soak Formula 554

             Radiance Liquid Pre-Soak

             Single stage liquid alkaline pre-soak.  Designed for use in frictionless car wash systems so
             it won't take a lot of scrubbing to get your car looking its best.  Effective in all temperatures. Contains a unique cationic surfactant for better cleaning.
This liquid pre-soak concentrate — colored purple with a refreshing sasafras scent — quickly cuts through road soils, oils, grime and bugs.

High Pressure Soap Formula 524

             Citrus Plus
             High Pressure Soap Bath
             We've got high sudsing action and pleasant scents with superior, heavy-duty, high speed cleaning. Who could ask for anything more?
Natural citrus base liquid detergent concentrate.This unique concentrate provides high speed deep cleaning under the most difficult soil conditions. Pleasantly scented.

Spot Free Rinse
             Low Pressure Spot Free Rinse
Our Spot free rinse System is provided by our generator of  R.O. or reverse osmosis water that is applied to rinse off the impurities from 
             your vehicle. The water that is produced is water that has the total dissolved solids or TDS removed which are the particulates That          
            are left  when the water evaporates. It is what is left that creates the spots.

Finish it off with our High Power Super Vacs

....and dress it up with accessories out of our vending machines


Soap, color safe bleach, fabric softener are available via vending machines.

  • 6 - 12 lb. Top Loading Washers
  • 6 - 15 lb. Front Loading Dryers
  • Large folding Table
  • Clean
  • Well Lit
  • Comfortable


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